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What we have learned from others becomes our own by reflection: Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every author has their two cents to give on the writing process, whether it is how they got where they are or what important knowledge they have to share with the writing community. I, of course, am no exception! I’ve had revelations, moments where things just clicked and suddenly made sense, and epiphanies after the fact when I realized, “Wow, that was a bit of brilliance!”

This page has links to:

~ articles and columns I’ve written that are relevant to my journey as a writer

~ articles I’ve found to be extremely helpful and informative

Michelangelo said, “I am still learning.” So am I. My path may be different than yours, but I firmly believe we learn from each other.

Articles by Me:

♥ How can astronomy help your writing? Read ‘Let the Solar System Strengthen Your Writing’ to find out.  Originally published in Romance Writers Report, January 2007.

♥ High Concept is tough to define.  Here’s help understanding what it means.

Standing Out From the Pack: Making High Concept Work for You

♥ One woman’s guide to developing your own unique style of writing.  Here’s an article on Finding Voice

♥ If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. See how perseverance really can pay off.

Finding an Agent

♥ Read the query for Living the Vida Lola.

Query Letters

♥ Understanding Marketing and Promotion [with author Nikki Duncan]

Marketing and Promotion, Part One

Articles by Others that are Helpful and Informative:

Steps to Joseph Cambell’s THE HERO’S JOURNEY

Author Marketing Experts: Practical Tips on Marketing, PR, and Exposure

Simple Ways to Promote Yourself Online

Show Me the Money: What Romance Publishers Pay

Building a Professional Writing Portfolio

Top 10 Rules for Mystery Writing

Writing the Cozy Mystery

Other Fun Places On-Line:

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