Sacrifice of Passion

She ripped his heart apart…

Vic Vargas planned to marry Delaney West, but when she suddenly left town—and him—behind, she turned from the love of his life to the woman who’d torn his world apart.  Now, twelve years later, she’s back, and the walls protecting his heart are crumbling.


He betrayed her trust…

The night she and Vic were supposed to meet at the Chain Tree and elope still haunts Delaney.  He left her there, at the mercy of someone else.  Coming home to San Julio was supposed to help keep her sleepwalking at bay. Instead, it’s opened up old wounds, and put her in the path of the so-called legendary monster tormenting San Julio.


Now time is running out… 

With a killer on the loose, will Vic and Delaney learn to trust each other again, or do the roots of betrayal run too deep?



Praise for Sacrifice of Passion

“Danger and a mythical beast, true love, and a curse – what a suspenseful, fast-paced story!”
– Karen Whiddon, Bestselling Harlequin Author

“Sacrifice of Passion will keep you up into the wee hours — and you
won’t regret one second of it. Not one.”
– Joyce Lamb, award-winning author of True Vision

“Melissa Bourbon Ramirez’s book breathes new life into the chupacabra legend, putting a fresh, original spin on this classic (and scary!) Latin-American myth (or is it?). Sacrifice of Passion has everything I want in a summer read: riveting suspense, a sigh-worthy romance, beautiful writing, and characters that jump off the page. You won’t regret putting Bourbon Ramirez on your auto-buy list.”
– Tracy Montoya, Daphne-award-winning romantic suspense author

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