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Testimonials from Clients

“Misa guided me through writing my first book, combining smart editing with terrific ideas about plot, story, character arc, and everything else I  needed to put my writing in the best position to compete in the market place.  But more than that, her encouragement and upbeat attitude were lifesavers. After any meeting or phone call with Misa, I couldn’t wait to get back my computer to write. She’s everything a free lance editor should be and usually isn’t.” ~B. Blackwood, Upper YA/New Adult writer

“Misa is more than an editor, she is a teacher, mentor and encourager.  She helped me with my first non-fiction piece and after several comments, basic edits, and suggestions from her, my work was ready for submission.  Thanks to her sage advice, I grew as a writer and my piece was selected as a winner at the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference.  Working with her via email was easy.   I will definitely use Misa again soon as an editor, and consider her a good friend.” ~M. Leiser, memoirist

“Your critique would be a great bargain at double the price!  You asked some really important questions that will lead to a much better story.  I can tell you took the time to really consider every part of the story.  I appreciate that you brought up  good questions, and how you also are encouraging.  That’s a gift to be able to balance both.  I really appreciate your feedback—it’s invaluable to me.” ~A.B., YA Fantasy author

“Thank you so much Misa for your comments and guidance.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to get going on my series!!!  You’re a great teacher.” ~ M.M., Early Reader Author